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Owners' Rights

Maintenance Policy

Service Service Policy
Quality Warranty

1. We promise to strictly follow the Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China and the Consumer Rights Protection Law to develop our Product Warranty Manual and User Service Manual. In case of quality problems with our products, we will provide "three guarantees" services per the regulations in the warranty manual.

2. The Jenhoo EV48 model has a 3-year or 100,000km warranty for the complete vehicle, an 8-year or 400,000km warranty for the power battery assembly, and a 5-year or 200,000km warranty for the vehicle controller and rear drive assembly.

Emergency Response

1. We promise to develop a Mechanism for Handling Major Quality Problems in the Market to quickly solve major quality problems in the market and establish a Market Problem Rapid Response Team to conduct emergency responses to major quality problems.

2. We promise that if a product needs to be recalled due to quality problems, we will initiate the recall process per relevant regulations such as the Regulations on the Administration of Recalls of Defective Automotive Products and bear corresponding legal responsibilities and costs.

Power Battery Recycling

1. We promise to establish a power battery recycling and traceability mechanism per relevant national laws and policies to control the sales, transportation, storage and scrapping of power batteries throughout their entire lifecycle and assume the obligation of recycling used power batteries.

2. When a power battery becomes old and needs to be recycled, please contact the local dealer of Jenhoo for recycling and disposal. Do not dismantle or discard it randomly.

Guarantee for Spare Parts Supply

We promise to replace the faulty parts with original ones during the after-sales service process during the warranty period. After the sales of the corresponding model are stopped, we guarantee to supply spare parts for at least 6 years.

After-sales Outlet Management

1. We promise to establish an Access Mechanism of After-sales Service Center that is higher than the industry average and requirements and provide consumers with a full chain of after-sales services (including fast maintenance, repair, sheet metal spraying, insurance, rescue, etc.).

2. We promise to build a network with sufficient outlets and small service radiuses based on the sales channel layout and consumer number and continuously optimize the national service network.

3. We promise to develop the Standard Management Measures for Operation of Service Outlets to continuously standardize the working mechanism of the service centers and improve service quality.

4. We promise to establish the Standard Management Measures for Assessment of Service Outlets to assess service centers for various dishonest, noncompliant and non-standard behaviors.

Training Management

1. We promise to provide technical training to the service centers, including courses on safety operation standards, maintenance of motor, power battery and electronic control systems, vehicle high-voltage system troubleshooting, electrical system maintenance, and usage of diagnostic equipment.

2. We promise to provide non-technical training to the service centers, including courses on brand and product knowledge, service processes, warranty policies and customer relationship management.

24/7 Rescue

1. We promise to develop the Road Rescue Response and Assessment Management Measures and require the service centers to provide 365-day * 24-hour rescue services, including national statutory holidays and weekends.

2. We promise that the rescue personnel will arrive at the scene within 1.5h within a range of 50km, 3h within a range of 100km, 5h within a range of 150km, and 72 hours beyond 150km.

3. We promise to provide consumers with instant food, mineral water and other care services upon arrival of the rescue personnel.

Standardized Services

1. Commitment to provide 7*24 hours 400 service hotline (400-6060-657), APP software, WeChat public number three major after-sales service communication channels.

2. Commitment to provide free reservation and reminder service.

3. Commitment to good service attitude throughout the process.

4. Commitment to all maintenance projects transparent offer.

5. Promise to repair the car once in the factory.

6. Promise to deliver the car on time.

7. Commitment to track back after the completion of repair.

8. Commitment to remote monitoring and diagnostic services for consumer vehicles, and real-time reminder of potential safety hazards.

Customer Care

1. We promise to provide consumers with free first run-in maintenance services.

2. We promise to provide on-site proactive maintenance services to major customers.

3. We promise to provide consumers with training on product operation and maintenance instructions when they purchase vehicles.

4. We promise to provide technical support, lifelong maintenance and original parts supply throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Charging Services

We promise to build an online service platform of smart charging for consumers, with nationwide coverage of charging piles, enabling precise and efficient one-click pile search for charging.