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Jenhoo-Auto, as an innovator in new energy logistics vehicles, has always adhered to the spirit of continuous improvement and pioneering innovation. We dare to try new scientific and technological advancements to break through traditional logistics vehicle barriers. With our upward, stubborn and hardcore brand vitality, we create safe and reliable new energy smart logistics vehicles.

The logo of Jenhoo-Auto is inspired by the elemental extracts of the plant Echinocactus grusonii. Its constituent elements, sphere, edge line and sharp spikes symbolize not only the strong personality of Jenhoo-Auto but also the cycle of life, representing the indomitable spirit of Jenhoo-Auto.

The main body of the logo features a stylized design based on the capital letter E. It is composed of geometric rectangles and triangles, conveying not a simple geometric significance. This design embodies the spirit of oriental culture and unique spatial awareness, reflecting the sense of stability and balance in human thinking and the strength, efficiency and professionalism of Jenhoo-Auto.


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