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Jenhoo New Energy Vehicles

Terminal Intelligent Platform

The terminal intelligent platform is a highly extensible intelligent ecological platform. The production models of the platform can meet the terminal operation scenarios and can be customized for production. It boasts the best-in-class level and gives transportation vehicles extraordinary technological experience. The digital platform of minivans, a new pure electric professional logistics platform, adopts digital means of forward development technology with the courage of using technology to subvert the tradition.

Minivan Digital Platform

Minivan models produced by the platform have broken through the conventional product definition of the market, with outstanding advantages such as large volume, strong loading capacity, long battery life and low energy consumption, promoting the new revolution to zero-carbon transportation.

Large Van Digital Intelligent Platform

Light truck intelligent platform, based on the advantages of advanced digital chassis, provides superior to the global competitive products of cross-class carrying capacity, quality and vehicle capacity, so that logistics transportation and driving more convenient, to create a next-generation logistics vehicle based on skateboard chassis and digital network technology.


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