Test Drive

Jenhoo-Auto,Smooth Drive

Jenhoo-Auto EV48

Test Drive Parameter Configuration
Right Front
Left Rear
Left Front
Right Rear
45° Front Size View

Appearance Highlights

High Gloss Finish

The paint is sprayed by robots, with uniform thickness and excellent gloss. The body primer employs cathodic electrophoresis, which features stronger anti-corrosion and weather resistance and a longer service life.

Fashion styling

The car's appearance utilizes a lot of simple, modern curve design, full of atmosphere and full of sense of technology.

Aggressive front face

The front part of the car adopts a large mouth square design, with a large area of blackened processing, with a strong visual impact

Technology LED headlights

The front daytime running light "T" element is derived from the letter H, left-right symmetrical, and the E-shaped rear daytime running light echoes each other, and is equipped with high-mounted brake lights, displaying high clarity.

6.2m3 Super Volume

With a space 25% larger than that of competitors in the same class

1.4t load capacity

The vehicle adopts a monocoque body design, combined with a lightweight design of the body frame structure, with a cargo carrying capacity 40% larger than that of vehicles in the same class.

Without B-pillar

Its maximum lateral opening reaches 1.5m, making it more convenient for loading and unloading large goods.



Small turning circle diameter makes driving easier

The vehicle is of the minimum turning circle diameter in the same class, only 11.1m, with flexible operation and precise steering. It only takes 5s from 0 to 50km/h, with strong power and fast acceleration, making driving easier and more agile.

A Range of 305km, Super Worry-free

Provided with 41.86kWh lithium iron phosphate power battery
With an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.38 and a precise battery management system, it achieves an ultra-long range of 305km (CLTC), easily meeting the use needs of vehicles for urban distribution logistics.

Practical Layout

Easy to Operate

Comfortable Cabin

Flexible Space

Interior Space

Smart System

OTA Upgrading

APP Remote Control

Trip Computer Display Screen

Intelligent Management Services

10-inch Central Control LCD Screen


  • L*W*H (mm)


  • Energy type

    Pure electric

  • Maximum speed (km/h)


  • Battery warranty

    8 years/400,000km

  • Detailed Parameters